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The Truth About Wearing Satin or Silky Pajamas While Your Spray Tan Develops

At first, the huge trend that surged, where wearing a luxurious silky satin sleepwear set or sleeping on a silky bedsheet while your spray tan develops for the usual 8-10 hours as you sleep, seemed like it was just the best kept secret in spray tanning.


I don't know about you but, ever worn a silky blouse to work for the day? Notice how it's impossible to avoid the beads of sweat that start to form on your back and under the breast line sometimes, especially in the warmer months and when you get a brisk walk going to get those steps in on the way to the office... and let's not even mention the underarm sweat patches! #notcute

Well the reason you feel all sweaty and just bleh wearing something silky or satin is because it is actually sweat inducing...SAY WHAT!?

Yes, I'm sure you're also having that lightbulb moment.

So, why on earth would we wear a silky pajama set to sleep in while our much anticipated spay tan is developing?? The last thing we want is for it to be sweated off because we're wearing something that's sweat inducing!

My spray tanning tip for what to sleep in if your spray tan is just before bedtime, would be to ditch the silky pjs for the day of your spray tan appointment (save 'em for another day hun!) and opt for the more breathable fabrics like cotton, in a dark shade of course.

Check out one on my fav finds on Amazon - Black Long Sleeve Cotton Pajama Set.

See you next time!

xx Jules

P.S. another neat trick I use at home is having a Black Cotton Flat Sheet to sleep on top of or as a blanket in the hotter months OR if you buy a double size sheet, you could sew the sides together and DIY a spray tan friendly sleeping pouch!

I know right...GENIUS! hehe

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